Saturday, April 6, 2019

March 28, 2019 Death Hike with Dave

Gene and Colleen are early risers.  They usually walk to the beach to watch the sunrise when they are at their RV resort.  They loved watching the sunrise and sunset from the boat.  The 360 degree view is something we take for granted. 

It was too windy to spearfish again today.  Plus the dinghy is still leaking.  It has to be pumped up every time we use it.  We didn’t want to go too far with 4 people.  We took the dinghy to the NE end of Egg Island to go for a hike.  We beached the dinghy, anchored it and took off along the shore. 


OK, maybe it is boring to just stand there

the roots of this toppled over tree look like they grew around some of the rocks

this is a "curb" or chiton, a crustacean that looks like a fossil and is about 4 inches long
Dave used a knife to peel it off of the rock

then he cleaned the meat out of the shell

Gene and Dave shared it raw


 Eventually, we headed inland.  Dave thought we would find a nice trail and come out at a pretty beach on the SW end of the Island.  WELL, it turned into what my family has fondly named a “death hike with Dave”. 

unusual tree trunk

a termite hive
another termite hive


a hermit crab in a shell probably about 3 inch diameter

snails stuck to the wood about 1 inch in size
Dave would go out ahead of us to find a trail.  Gene hung with us and was using a stick as a machete to help us through.  Occasionally we had to play Marco……Polo to find Dave.  We did find a lake in the center of the island.  We compared our battle scars, complained about not bringing any water or the dinghy first aid kit.  I pulled out my phone and checked the Garmin app to decide the shortest route back to the dinghy.  The total hike was about 2 hours, but seemed like 5.

Colleen taking out her frustration on Dave

Back at the beach, the tide had come in and our dinghy was swamped.  Gene and Colleen seemed more concerned than we were, but we have seen this happen before. Colleen just happen to catch my jacket as it was floating away.  Everything we had on board was wet.  Even the things that were inside our “dry bags”.  Time to replace those bags.  Besides water, there was seaweed and seagrass in the boat.  We had a bilge pump and a plastic jug cut off to be a bailer.  I found another plastic jug on the beach that we cut to use for bailing.  After about 20 minutes, we were good to go.


our boat is a white dot beyond Colleen
We took the dingy by a couple nice shorelines/coves, but had enough walking for the day.  Back at the boat, we had cheese and crackers, etc and beer in the cockpit.  The guys watched a “boy movie”.  Colleen and I enjoyed cocktails on the stern of the boat.  Dave made his famous rum punch for us. 

We made tilapia and pasta for dinner and crashed early. 

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