Sunday, April 7, 2019

March 29, 2019 touring Spanish Wells

We had a nice breakfast in the cockpit then moved the boat closer to town, Spanish Wells.  Dave stayed at the boat to make water for about 3 hours.  He took Gene, Colleen and me to shore to tour the island and returned with the dingy to the boat.  Besides making water, he tightened the belt on the alternator.  It has been making a screeching sound at about 1000-1200 rpm’s then hesitates before it continues to increase the rpm’s. 

so much for throwing food garbage overboard (which is what is done here, even dock side restaurants do it) but not while we are sitting in one place, usually while we are moving somewhere
We rented a golf cart for 24 hours and took off.  We spent some time walking the beach on the north side of the island.  Our next stop was the Shipyard Restaurant for a drink and appetizer.  We had an awesome sesame tuna poke with chips.  It had red cabbage and fresh ginger.  Some was served over sour cream and some over avocado.  Yummy!


somebody went through a lot of work to create this design in the sand

we're pointing to Cat Isalnd, our next destination
We toured the north half of the island, on one of the two roads that run the 32 block length of the island.  At the west end, we stopped at the city park.  We checked with Dave and he was ready to join us.  We picked him up at a dock and headed to Russel Island.  It is connected to Spanish Wells by a bridge.  It is mostly residential with some boatyard business at the east end. 

BUT the main attraction for us is the Sandbar Restaurant.  We enjoyed cocktails and fish tacos sitting outside looking at the water.  Great atmosphere.  Clarissa was our waitress.  We had met her 2 years ago at Budda’s.  It was fun to see her again. 


we occasionally see these curly tails
 After leaving the Sandbar, we headed to Wrecker’s  for their happy hour.  Then on to Budda’s for their happy hour and some appetizers.  The golf cart rental company said we could park the cart anywhere on the island.  So we left it in a small park by the dock for the night.  We also found out this year that all the carts have the same key.  So that shows you how easy going and safe this island is.  We made it back to the boat by sunset. 

Dave's pumping up the tube before heading back to the boat

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