Saturday, April 27, 2019

April 16, 2019 Schooner Islands and Rock Sound

We moved the boat out to the Schooner Cays today, instead of going by dinghy.  We then took the dinghy to a couple of the islands.  We enjoyed just hanging out at the beach and sandbars and did a little snorkeling.  Pictures can’t even describe how beautiful this area is.

osprey on the sandbar
osprey with Erin's fancy camera

baby conch everywhere

this is where you find them

small snails on the rock
 We moved the boat back to the east side of Rock Sound, near town.  On the way, we saw a huge loggerhead turtle.  It’s head is at least as large as a human head.

At sunset, we took a dinghy ride around the bay.  We wanted to check out the dock at the north end of the bay.  A couple years ago, we tied up there to walk to the Immigration office at the airport to renew my passport.  The dock was still there, so we will drop off Joe and Erin there on Thursday morning to catch their airplane.
a sailor would see what was odd about this picture.  Usually, the bow points into the wind, but the flag is flying from the stern to the bow.  So we were anchored where the current was stronger than the wind
zoomed in as best I could

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