Saturday, April 6, 2019

March 26, 2019 Schneider's arrival and spearfishing

3-26 TuesdayWe spent the morning putting things back in their place and getting bedding ready for our next guests.

We picked up the Schneider’s by 1:00 at Pinder’s Market from their ferry/taxi from the airport.  Gene and I were classmates in dental school.  They moved to Sturgis when we moved to Rapid City.  So we have been close friends for over 30 years.  They had just ended their 2 months at an RV site in Florida, parked the RV and joined us for a few days. 

We headed back to the boat to make the most of the day.  After a light lunch, we moved the boat to Royal Island.  We took the dinghy to Little Egg Island to spearfish.  Dave and Gene took spears and snorkel gear while Colleen and I followed in the dinghy.  Colleen did some snorkeling with them for a short time.  I handled the dinghy.  It’s important to get the fish out of the water as soon as you spear them and get them into the dinghy.  Sharks and barracuda can sense the stress of the fish and like to check it out.


They ended up spearing 5 edible fish.  BUT, Dave found 2 conch.  He also found a Helmut conch, which we showed to Colleen and put back. 


putting the fish into the "fish bag" and off the spear

helmet conch
Back at the boat, the guys cleaned to conch.  Then Colleen and I made conch salad which is raw conch, tomatoes, onion, garlic, lime juice and a little orange juice and salt.  We added a can of habenaro rotel to one bowl for some spice and extra tomato.  It works great if you don’t have enough fresh vegetables.  I would normally put in some bell peppers and hot peppers.  It is similar to what we would call ceviche. 

We ate it with bagel chips and spoons like a cold soup.  Yummy!    Next Gene fried the fish in oil and garlic which we ate with leftover baked beans and coleslaw.  Couldn’t have been better, especially when you wash it all down with some Bahamian beer.

conch meat from 2 conch

Colleen's smaller bowl had no hot sauce

having fun doing dishes

discussing the day

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