Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April 6, 2019 Haul Out at R&B Boatyard

We were able to check into our cottage about 9:00 this morning, since no one had rented it the night before.  April picked me up at the boatyard and took me to the cottage with our luggage and perishable groceries. 

I returned to the boatyard immediately with the golf cart to watch our boat haul out.  This was different than we have seen anywhere.  They have a log platform that raises and lowers.  They lowered it and floated our boat over the top of it.  Then the owner, Robert, put on his dive gear and used a hookah air compressor to go underwater and set up the boat stands.  The coworkers tossed the stands to him in the water.  When the stands are set, they lift the platform and our boat above the water level.  Always scary to watch.  It looked like it was teetering, but it was just the water moving.  Everything went smoothly. 


We went to the cottage for lunch.  Then Dave returned to the boat to start working on the through hull.  It was in worse shape than he thought.  He had to replace the through hull and the all the fittings.  Luckily R&B had the bronze fittings that we needed.  After seeing how bad this through hull was, we decided we will replace all of the other through hulls the next time we haul out the boat (this fall).  And we will have the appropriate plugs on board to stop a leak in the meantime, if need be.  We have had some electrolysis issues which may have caused some of the corrosion.  We are hoping the isolation transformers that Dave added last year will stop this corrosion.  There are 13 through hulls, but one is replaced.  I thought that was a good omen, there are only 12 left.  But Dave is a triskaidekaphiliac which means he likes the number 13, so he’s going with the total number for our boat.  Whatever makes him feel good. 

After seeing the bottom paint with the boat out of the water, we decided to do a full bottom paint job, not just a touch up.  But we should be good for about 5 years.  The last paint job was almost 3 years ago, and Dave did it himself.  Nice to have professionals doing it for you.  If we had waited the 5 years, we would have had to redo the barrier coat, too. 

We made a trip to the local grocery store and settled in for the night.  We were able to use the cottage’s wifi to do some updates.  We had a nice dinner of leftovers from Thursday.  Then I did some laundry while Dave watched the semi finals, the Final Four for the college basketball Sweet 16 tournament.  But he didn’t make it through the second game, long day.  Laundry, wifi, TV with recliners, and hot showers.  What more could you want.  We’ll try out the beach toys tomorrow. 

banana trees in the backyard

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