Wednesday, October 3, 2018

September 24, 2018 Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine

The weather didn’t look very good for a couple days, so we decided to stay here and rent the car a few extra days.  We drove to Bath, ME just north of us to visit the Maine Maritime Museum.  First we found lunch at a little cafe/bakery near the museum.  Pete had lobster tacos.  Dave had a grilled cheese sandwich with their soup of the day, which was an apple and squash soup.  I had another awesome fish sandwich made with hake, a member of the cod family. 

We found out about the extensive ship building history of the area at the museum.  There was a great lobster display about the lobsters themselves and about harvesting them.  It was nice to see how the buoys attached to the pots.  It might help us if we ever snag one with our prop. 
rockers made out of lobster traps. Dave and Peter

the white structures left and right simulate the bow and stern of the largest sailboat built here.  The poles are in the place of the 5 masts, but only 2/3 the height so they didn't have to be lit for airplanes
We stopped at the Bath Brewery for a beer and some appetizers.  Fun tourist day.

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