Monday, October 22, 2018

October 16, 2018 Woods Hole, MA to Narragansett Bay, RI

Weather always determines our sailing plans.  We have a short weather window to get to Nantucket.  Then we’d have only a short window go get back to the mainland with wind on our nose.  Therefore, we scratched the idea of going to Nantucket this week.  If we have good weather in early November, we’ll still go.  Otherwise we’ll just have to come back.

We rolled side to side all night, which makes it difficult to sleep.  Dave actually found more water in the aft section of the boat after rocking and rolling all night than he did with our passage to Woods Hole.  Hmmmm.  But he is no longer finding water under the batteries.  He thinks the aft deck shower was the culprit for that water. 

After breakfast and knocking about our sailing plans, we left about 11:30 am for the southern part of Narragansett Bay.  We figured it would take about 5 hours, before sunset, no problem.  WELL, we had 20k wind on our nose all day and had a hard time making 5 knots.  It ended up taking us 7.5 hours. 

We saw sun dogs on both sides of the sun as we approached Narragansett Bay.  As a child, I always thought that meant cold weather.  As an adult, I can google it, so I did.  Sure enough, they are due to the refraction of the sun in ice crystals.  Now we know.

There wasn’t a lot of boat traffic in the bay.  We followed a tug and barge under the Claiborne Pell Bridge that connects Newport, RI to Jamestown on Conanicut Island.  We have anchored in Potters Cove before and knew it was a wide open bay.  But, we remembered that there were crab pots.  So Dave ended up out on the bow with a search light to direct me into the anchorage.  (In the morning, we saw the crab pots that we had missed!)
Castle Hill lighthouse and Inn
barge under Claiborne Pell Bridge

Dave was at the helm all day.  Quite the trooper.  I was able to take a nap in the warmth of the boat. 

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