Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October 1-3, 2018 Gloucester boat chores

We had the rental car all day, so I did another mad dash to pick up things.  I hit Kohl’s, Target, Total Wine, and groceries.  On the way back to the car rental, I checked out the train station.  I am flying out of Boston on Thursday and am considering taking the train/subway. 

We had decided to stay here though the weekend while I am gone.  That means we will have an address for about a week.  Dave spent time today arranging for our mail to be forwarded here.  And he did some ordering of other things that can be shipped here.  He made water and checked it for any leaks.  All looked good. 

Dave spent most of the morning online with banking business.  We ordered 2 wedding gifts and one baby gift from Amazon to be sent directly to them.  That’s handy.  We did come cleaning.  Routine day.

We took laundry to shore to a laundromat.  It was only about 3 blocks from the dock.  I was surprised that the washing machines were $3.50 a load.  But the dryers were $.25 for about 10 minutes and were pretty efficient. 

Dave walked to the Post office to mail several things for us, including renewing our passports.  We were hanging on to them to see if we went to Canada.  Not going to make it this trip.  Some of our packages had arrived.  He went to the harbor master’s office to pick them up, broke down the packaging to dispose of before going to the boat.  Then he took them to the boat and waited for me to finish.  

Back at the boat, I finished packing while we heated water.  We only have an 11 gallon water heater tank.  And it doesn’t stay warm in this colder water.  There isn’t a shower house here for us to use, so we have to heat the water for showers.  We also made water again.  Have to do that about every 3 days. 

Earlier today, I was checking on the train into Boston.  I decided I would have to go pretty early to give me time to change to a subway then a bus at the airport between terminals.  Not knowing how long that would take, I wanted to leave plenty of time.  The train station is a little over a half mile away.  I’d have to leave about 5:30 am to walk there with Dave.  I decided to find a taxi to pick me up in the morning.  We even discussed renting a car again, but Dave hates driving in and out of the city.  Checking websites for taxis, I saw that they also had airport shuttles.  It was the same price as renting a car, and Dave doesn’t have to drive or spend the gas money.  So, I am being picked up at 6:30 in the morning.  Better get to bed.

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