Monday, October 22, 2018

October 14, 2018 Goucester, MA-Cape Cod Canal-Woods Hole, MA

We were up at 5:00 to get an early start for the day.  BUT we didn’t think about what time sunrise was-almost 7:00am.  We have left in the dark before, but not through lobster pots.  We settled in and had breakfast and coffee.  About 6:30, we were ready to go.  We were off of the mooring ball by 6:40 and on our way as the sun came up-great photo opportunity.


as we left the harbor, we could see the skyline of Boston
zoomed in to pick up the sun reflecting off of that building

By 7:30, we set sails and turned off the motor.  We sailed until about noon and averaged 8 knots.  That’s faster than we can motor.  We made up for lost time and entered the Cape Cod Canal at 2:30, which was slack tide.  That is when the movement is the slowest between high and low tide.  We were with the current the rest of the way through.  Didn't take pictures today as we went through.  There is a great bike path along both sides of the canal and camp grounds.  Would be a nice destination of RVers. 

We originally planned to go to Marion, MA and wait out some bad weather.  But we changed our minds as we traveled today.  We ended up anchoring at Hadley Harbor outside of Woods Hole, MA.  This will position us to take advantage of a weather window on Tuesday to go to Nantucket.  That is a big one on our bucket list.  We may end up getting a slip, now that they have off season rates.  It will still be cheaper than taking a ferry or flying there-the other options we looked into. 

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