Friday, May 26, 2017

May 6, 2017 Guest shuffle between cottage/ferry/ourboat

It had rained last night, but not the high winds that were predicted.  Dave brought the dinghy to shore and walked to our cottage and joined us for breakfast.  Dave and I took Anne-Marie and Torben to the dock with the golf cart to catch the ferry while Chris and Silvia packed to head to our boat.  We loved having our Danish friends visit.  We are making future sailing plans with them, hopefully in Denmark next time.  They packed 2 conch shells and several smaller shells and gifts in their carry on.  They have to go through US, Netherlands, and Danish customs.  Good Luck!
cottage deck-Torben, Anne-Marie, Chris, Silvia, Mary
Torben and Anne-Marie at cottage
Anne-Marie and Torben on Pinder's ferry heading to the airport
Next, Dave dropped me, Silvia and Chris off at the grocery store.  Dave then picked up their luggage at the cottage and took it all to our boat.  He returned to the grocery store to pick us up with groceries for the next 6 days on board.  We made it to the dock without losing anything.  Dave and Chris took the groceries to the boat.  They decided that Chris may as well wait at the boat.  When Dave returned to shore, he picked up Silvia and I returned the cart to the cottage.  By the time I walked back to the dock, Dave had returned from delivering Silvia to the boat.  What a shuffle!

Back at the boat, I needed to store the groceries before we could bring everyone below.  Dave gave Silvia and Chris a good tour of the topside of the boat.  Dave let Chris raise the Canadian flag on our port flag halyard. 
O Canada!!
Below, we gave them a tour of the boat.  Since they were familiar with sailboats, it was easier than I expected.  Silvia had a better memory of where things were located than Chris, even though she is totally blind.  But maybe that’s just a gender thing :)

We had a simple spaghetti dinner.  And I was exhausted by the end of the day. 

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