Tuesday, May 16, 2017

April 24, 2017 Wreck off of Little Egg Island, Bahamas

Today would have been my father's 101th birthday.  Great memories of a great man.

We went back into Spanish Wells this morning.  Dave needed to talk to Edmond Pinder about another part for our Portland Pudgy.  We had lunch at the Snack Vault, our favorite burger place. 
sharing huge burgers and conch fritters
streets of Spanish Wells
We stopped at the Ponderosa shell & gift shop.   It is a small gift shop with sea shells, tea, coffee, local jams, local gifts.   When the owner, Delroy met T&AM, he said he would like to find a place to hang a world map so he could put pins to show where people were from.  Torben recommended a green pin if they bought something and a red if they didn't.  Lol! He liked that idea.

We headed over to Egg Island to anchor for the night.  From there, T, AM and I took the dinghy to snorkel a wreck off of Little Egg Island.  We were there earlier with Joe and Erin.  The current was strong, so I stayed with the dinghy most of the time.  T & AM really enjoyed what they could see, but it was a workout.  I guess we’ll check tide before we come next time.  And it was still somewhat windy.
exposed wreck is behind Anne-Marie
Mary picking up a floating plastic bag

We had a rough night with surge coming around the tip of the island.  Good thing we are all salty sailors. 

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