Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 12, 2017 back to cottage in Spanish Wells

Chris and Silvia earned their pirate scarves this week.  They made for great photo opportunities.
Pirates Silvia and Chris
Pirate Chris into the boat life

We moved Chris and Silvia back to shore to their cottage for their last 2 nights in the Bahamas.  Sharon, the cottage owner, had left the golf cart at Pinder’s supermarket for us.  Dave took Chris and Silvia to shore and to the cottage.  Then he returned for me and the luggage.  I also took our laundry to their cottage and an overnight bag. 
Silvia and Chris leaving the boat with Dave

Dave returned to the boat to work on our Honda generator.   It had been making noise, so he shut it off yesterday.  When he looked at it today, he realized the pull cord was unraveling and the pull handle had fallen off into the water.  It is mounted and locked to the boat in the corner of the cockpit, so he didn't see that side of the generator until today.  He took it apart to get to the cord.  Then he did some checking in town to see if he could find a replacement.

 We spent the day shopping.  We looked at clothes and at gift shops.  We also arranged for Chris and Silvia to spend a day at a beach hotel in Nassau on Sunday.  They have to spend all day in Nassau, so I checked the website of a taxi driver/tour guide we have used in the past.  They didn’t want to take a tour of Nassau, so we researched spending a day at a hotel.  They have day passes at 4 different hotels.  The one they chose cost $65 per person, but they give you a $40 voucher to use at their restaurants and bars.  That sounded like a great way to spend the day-beach, pools, food and drinks all in one place.  (plus $30 taxi each way)

The 3 of us ended up at Buddha’s for happy hour and dinner.  We returned to the cottage and played dice again.  I spent the night, but this time I had a king bed to myself.  It was also nice to be able to wash the sheets again before our next guests arrive.
Chris in front of food wagon at Buddha's

Chris by food wagon looking back into the bar area at Buddha's

Silvia and Chris at Buddha's

Silvia drinking a Bipolar

Buddha backing out the cart between other carts for me

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