Friday, May 26, 2017

May 5, 2017, Beach and Sandbar

We all met at a local restaurant for breakfast, Eagles Landing.  Dave dropped Torben, Anne-Marie and me off at the restaurant then went to the cottage to pick up Chris and Silvia.  We had their Johnny Cake breakfast sandwiches.  Johnny cake is a local cake/bread either served in the shape of a piece of cake or in the shape of a pancake.  They made awesome sandwiches.  They also had grits on the menu, so Anne-Marie had to try it.  She ordered it with tuna salad, which was a dollop in the middle of the grits.  It really was a cold tuna, mayo, pickle salad on the grits.  We haven’t seen that anywhere in the south US.

After breakfast, Anne-Marie and Torben used the bicycles at the cottage to tour the island and finalize their tourist purchases.  Dave stayed at the cottage to use their wifi to update and download charts.  I took Chris and Silvia to the beach.  The public access was about a block away, but we took the golf cart to haul our towels, etc.  The beach is pretty shallow in this area.  We walked out a ways, cooled off, then came back to the beach and put plastic chairs right in the water. 
Mary, Silvia and Chris
Chris and Silvia soaking up rays
great view
By early afternoon, we picked up Dave and headed to the Sandbar on Russel Island for a late lunch.  T & AM met us there on the bicycles.  Russel Island is connected by a bridge to Spanish Wells, but it is much more rural.  Lots of fruit trees and homes on the water.  Since there was less traffic, we decided to let Chris drive the cart the second half of the way to the restaurant.  Dave just had to give him some left and right instructions.  He loved it. 
"where's the break pedal?"
Chris loved driving

We had a great lunch with some fantastic island drinks.  It was Cinco de Mayo, so we had to have margaritas.  And Silvia is Mexican, so that made it all the more fun.  Silvia and Chris had never been in hammocks.  They enjoyed lounging in them before we left.
great ocean view with a photo bomber-Torben
Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo-Mary, Torben and Anne-Marie
Silvia being taught how to get into a hammock

Sandbar in the back ground

Chris being rocked to sleep by Silvia

Chris and Silvia

Torben and Anne-Marie

Torben and Anne-Marie leaving the Sandbar

These two didn't get far without us

Heading back to Spanish Wellss
cotton plant along the road

young quava plant
banana tree with Silvia and Chris
 After lunch, Chris, Silvia and I shopped for a few groceries.  We picked up sausages to grill and simple dinner items and something for breakfast at the cottage.  Dave took T & AM to the boat to pick up their luggage and their bedding.  They all returned to the cottage for the evening.  The cottage had 2 bedrooms and bathrooms and 2 futon couches.  Chris and Silvia were generous to offer their cottage to all of us.  T & Am were leaving in the morning, so this would be easier to transport them to their ferry at the dock.  And we were able to use the cottage’s washer and dryer to wash their bedding, since we needed it for Chris and Silvia.  I decided to stay and sleep on the futon.  We were expecting some high winds, so Dave wanted to be with the boat.

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