Tuesday, May 16, 2017

April 25, 2017 Sailed to Sail Rocks, Exumas

Before leaving the area, we moved the Portland Pudgy on deck.  Torben helped Dave move it to our bow.  It fit nicely in front of the mast.  And we think we will still be able to use our wind scoop over our v-berth hatch.  Yippee!!

moving the boat from the stern to the bow

we used a halyard to lift it onto the deck

wrestling it into place

"Red Rover" found her new home
Today we moved the boat to the northern end of the Exumas, Sail Rocks.  We caught 2 barracuda on the way.  It was exciting, but we don’t keep them because of possible ciguatera poisoning.  It affects the nervous system.
Anne-Marie setting sails
photo opp on the bow.  Torben was afraid his friends would think it was an engagement picture
first barracuda
looks like uninvited crew beside Torben
The Pudgy makes a great seat on the bow
We anchored in the same area we did last year.  But this year there were commercial fishing boats anchored here.  There was plenty of room, but we were disappointed to see them.  We had the place to ourselves last year.

We were hoping to have fresh fish for dinner.  Anne-Marie made us ratatouille from the vegetables we had on board and ham.  It was great.  
nice dinner in the cockpit

close fishing boats anchored for the night   
several fishing boats in this anchorage

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