Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 23, 2017 snorkel, sail, mooring ball, pizza

After another great breakfast in the cockpit, Bev and I took off for more snorkeling.  It was a little windier today, so Kaye stayed at the boat with Dave.  When we got around to the other side of the island, the water was calmer.  It took us a little longer to get to our destination because it was close to low tide.  Some of this area is really shallow. 

After snorkeling, we met Dave and Kaye on the west side of Egg Island.  Kaye was able to help Dave lift the anchor and move the boat.  Dave and I usually use hand signals, but Kaye was able to hear Dave give orders.  And she is comfortable sailing.  She is a member of the Toronto Blind Sailing Association with Chris and Silvia. 

We then spent the afternoon sailing on the north side of the islands.  We didn’t bother fishing today.  We just wanted Kaye to have fun sailing. 
Captain Kaye at the helm
We entered the Spanish Wells channel from the east again.  It was much easier without a squall.  We decided to pick up a mooring ball to make it easier to transfer Bev and Kaye back to the dock tomorrow.  Picked up the mooring ball on the first try.  Good job Dave. 
no one pays attention to the no wake signs

Mary and Kaye on the bow

Bev and Kaye checking out the mooring ball off the bow
While Bev and Kaye cleaned up the snorkeling gear, Dave and I started home made pizza.  Dave did all the assembling and baking so we could enjoy each other’s company on their last night.  The pizza was fantastic!!

After dinner, everyone showered, packed and checked flights.  Bev and Kaye decided to sleep outside again and loved it. 

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