Tuesday, May 16, 2017

April 26, 2017 Snorkeling Sail Rocks

We were glad to see that the commercial fishing boats were gone this morning.  We decided to snorkel and spearfish the area.  But they did return that night.

We took the dinghy over areas of coral and did a drift snorkel with the dinghy.  At least one person hung on to the dingy.  But we all took turns spearfishing and diving down for photos or a closer look at something.  It was fun to hear Anne-Marie giggle through her snorkel. 

We would get into the dinghy and try a new area once we drifted through a spot.  We spent most of the day in the water. 
first speared fish-trigger fish
a beautiful larger trigger fish that I saw as Torben took his little one to the dinghy
jelly fish
Dave's speared grouper
Torben on the hunt
large grouper, probably 3 feet long, didn't go after him
Torben confirming what a grouper looks like
Anne-Marie getting into the action
feather duster worms
Torben and Anne-Marie
a hermit crab inside a Florida horse conch
going after that fish
Torben with a mutton snapper
Torben with a red parrot fish
the story about the one that got away
boys like to play with their food
Dave cleaning his grouper
the trigger and the parrot
the parrot fish had worns, threw it overboard
cooked hermit crab

Back at the boat, we had a feast.  Anne-Marie wanted to cook everything she found.

We returned to snorkeling but only brought back conch.  So we had conch salad for dinner.  Then we had popcorn and a movie.  They had to see Captain Ron.  Anne-Marie doesn’t watch movies at home, only about a half dozen in her life.  We had English captions to help with the interpretation.  She stayed awake, so that was a good sign.  Torben loved it. 
cutting conch for the salad
conch salad and various shell fish
great cockpit meals
end of a great day

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