Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 30, 2017 Fowl Cay and Elbow Cay

We moved the boat to the west side of Fowl Cay.  From there, we took the dinghy to the east side to the Land and Sea Park to snorkel.

We stopped at 3 different areas.  There wasn’t as much sea life here as Sandy Cay.  But the different coral formations were interesting.

Back at the boat, we grilled chicken and had a late lunch before sailing to Elbow Cay.  We enjoyed the sail with several tacks.  It felt like the old days on Angostura Reservoir where we all gained experience sailing. 

We decided to go into Hopetown after anchoring.  We walked around the town and hit a couple places for a traveling dinner.  We first stopped at Wine Down Sip Sip.  We remembered that they had a good happy hour.  BUT, they don’t have it on Fridays :(  We still enjoyed their “conch flitters”.   They are shaped like a patty instead of a ball.  We also had their beef patties that are similar to empanadas.  Our next stop was Captain Jack’s.  Their deck is out over the water in the harbor.  We enjoy watching the boat traffic.  And you can see the lighthouse.  The guys had chicken souse (we’ve had better).  Jackie and I shared a seafood platter with shrimp, conch and mahi.  And we were back to the boat before dark.

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