Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 10-16, 2017 Marina life

Friends from CO/ND that we met two years ago were here, Kent and Nickie.  They offered to give us a ride anywhere if we needed one.  So I hit them up for a ride to get a massage this morning.  I had seen a message therapist here in December 2014 as a Christmas present from Dave.  She was excellent and really helped.

We spent the week starting on maintenance projects and cleaning.  The free laundry is awesome.  Dave also spent some time on the computer lining up things that we need to order this summer to upgrade our boat. 

Dave and I both had dental appointments this week in Brunswick.  There is a dental office right next to the marina.  We aren’t going to make it back to Rapid City this summer to go to my old practice.  We liked the dentist and the office.  It’s also nice to be established with a local dentist in case of an emergency.  No cavities!!

Saturday, we picked up a rental car.  We need it Monday morning and they aren’t open on Sunday.  We went to our storage unit here in Brunswick.  We just did a quick exchange of a few things.  We are going to tear it apart and reorganize sometime this summer. 

We went to Home Depot to pick up parts for projects.  One thing was a roll of aluminized insulated reflective tape, similar to what you would use to cover a water heater.  Dave cut it into pieces to cover all of our port holes/hatches.  It will help keep the boat cooler, easier on the air conditioner.  Some people make tents over their boats with tarps or tarp like material for shade.  But when we leave the boat, we would be worried about the wind damaging it.  So we chose to cover the windows. 

Sunday, I was able to drive the rental car to church.  I joined Rosemary and friends at IHOP again for lunch. 

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