Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 22-24, 2017 Green Turtle Cay

We stayed at Green Turtle Cay to do some maintenance.   Dave changed the oil on the Yanmar engine.  He did some outboard maintenance on our Mercury on the dinghy.   It had been hesitating occasionally.  When I asked what was wrong, Dave said it is constantly bathed in salt water.  So it just needs some attention occasionally.  He cleaned the raw water screens for the Yanmar and the water maker.  Earlier this week, he had pickled the water maker then changed the filters.  Dave replaced our flag halyard.  He had noticed that it was beginning to fray and caught it in time. 

I did the usual floors, heads, galley cleaning, defrost the freezer.  We also did laundry for 2 days.  Why do I even write this stuff down?  It’s like I have to verify that we aren’t just sitting on our butts vacationing all the time.

The mail boat comes into Green Turtle Cay on Thursday.  So we went into town for a few groceries on Friday.  We had fun visiting with the owners of the store.  We told them how we were here in December and heard the Christmas carolers at 5:00am.  She said in the olden days, they didn’t play the drums in the morning.  They just sang softly as they walked through the streets.  The white people went one direction and the black people walked the other.  Then the town was surrounded by music from the two groups.  They used to do this every morning from November 1 to January 1 at 5:00 am.  Now it is for 2 weeks and they are much noisier.  She also told us that the community used to roast a wild boar on Christmas day and have coconut pie.  You could tell they were nice memories. 

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