Thursday, July 20, 2017

JUne 27, 2017 Sandy Cay and Lynyard Cay

 We spent the morning waiting out a thunderstorm.  You know you have great guests when they are thrilled to watch the storm and not bummed that we couldn’t go anywhere. 

After the storm passed, we moved south through the Sea of Abaco.  We had planned to go north to Manjack Cay.  But the sailing regatta was in that area and would be very crowded.  So change of plans. 

We stopped at Sandy Cay to snorkel.  I got to try out my new underwater camera.  We had it sent to Jackie and Brian and they brought if over for us.  There was very little current, which made it very comfortable.  Jackie and Brian thought this was the nicest place they had ever snorkeled, and they have snorkeled reefs before, not just in SD :)

We saw sting rays, sharks, lion fish, many fish varieties.  And we saw clouds of small fish tucked into areas of coral.  Also a large variety of coral.  I learned that the colors are more true when I am closer.

We anchored near Lynyard Cay and made homemade pizza for dinner.

rambutan that we found in Marsh Harbour

it had the texture of a grape and wasn't very flavorful

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