Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 28, 2017 Little Harbour, Abacos

We planned to go into Little Harbour today.  It is about 2.5 miles from our anchorage at Lynyard Cay.  We took the dinghy about a month ago.  But it would be pretty slow going with 4 of us in the dinghy.  So we moved the boat close to the opening of the bay and anchored there for the day.

The plan was to snorkel and then go in for happy hour.  But once Dave could smell the food from the restaurant, the plan changed.  We headed in for lunch.  We had great meals of tuna, grouper and conch.
somebody had to try the "Blaster"


the spinnaker sail used for a breeze in the restaurant
one of the Johnston's sculptures
cracked conch
seared tuna
mango grilled grouper
After checking out the beach on the ocean side, we headed back to the boat.  We took the dinghy out into the Bight of Old Robinson to snorkel.  We found conch, which meant conch salad tonight.  We saw sharks and large barracuda. 

We moved the boat back to Lynyard Cay and had conch salad for dinner.  Dave and Brian did a little fishing, but no luck.  Along with the conch salad, we had home made humus, goat cheese and  home made bread.  Dave also made his famous rum punch.  Another fun day.
wrestling the conch out of the shell
chopping onions for the conch salad
one of the two conchs chopped for salad (no cooking)

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