Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 29, 2017 Sailing and Great Guana Cay

Today was our “day at sea”.  We went out of the Little Harbour cut or inlet and onto the Atlantic Ocean.  We motored and sailed, depending on the wind.  We tried to follow the contour line to stay at about 150 feet, the best for catching tuna.  But no luck :(  It was really nice having other sailors on board.  Brian and Dave took over the anchoring all week.
Brian was at the helm as much as possible
bow mermaid


We came in off of the ocean and into the Sea of Abaco through the north Man of War cut.  From there, we headed north to Great Guana Cay.  We went to shore to go to Nipper’s.  We figured that anyone that has been to the Abacos would ask Jackie and Brian if they went to Nipper’s.  It is famous for it’s Sunday pig roasts.  It was pretty quiet today, which was ok with us.  We had an early dinner then walked the beach.  They have a beautiful, very long beach on the ocean side of the island. 


chiton or curbs as the locals say

Dave tasted the chiton, chewy like conch


Brian helped me set up this blog and taught me how to post videos.  Thanks Brian!!
Back at the boat, Jackie and I got in a few games of trimominos. 

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