Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 15, 2017 Grand Cay and Double Breasted Cay

We had breakfast on the boat before going into town today.  Dave pulled right up to the fuel dock today.  I climbed up the wall and headed back to the grocery store.  Inez was there today and was SO tickled to meet a friend of Gloria’s.  She gave me a big hug and said it was just like hugging Gloria.  We visited a while about how they have known each other for years and she misses her.  She was glad to hear that Gloria convinced Mike to build a home in Florida. 
Mary and Inez

Mike and Gloria
They did have milk today.  I decided to also pick up eggs, more carrots, and some juices to make a rum punch on the boat.  Mix is not cheap here.  You usually pay about $1 per can of any soda or juice.  None of those 3 12 packs for $10 sales.  Dave was in the mood for grilling chicken.  All they had were big packs of chicken wings, about 30 for $20.  We decided that was still cheaper than going out for chicken wings. 

It was less than 5 miles to Double Breasted Cay, so we headed out about noon.  It’s only about 2 miles as the crow flies, but 5 miles to go around the rocks and stay in deep water.  What a beautiful anchorage! 

As soon as we were settled, I hung up some clothes that have been soaking overnight.  Then we hopped in the dinghy to explore the area.  There are lots of fun beaches and little rocky areas.  We had a few birds trying to keep us away from their nests.  We had to watch the tops of our heads from being attacked. There are some shallow areas where Dave may try bonefishing.  You fly fish just for the fun of the fight, then release them.  We saw an eagle ray, turtles and a shark.  And lots of mosquitoes back at the boat. 

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