Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December 28, 2016 Abacos to Eleuthera

Today we motored to Royal Island in the northern part of Eleuthera.  It is about 55 nm, depending on where you anchor, so we left about 7:30am.  It’s best to anchor in daylight to be able to see the bottom to choose where to drop the anchor.  We decided to check out the Royal Island Harbour.  It is an anchorage that is almost enclosed, therefore good wind protection.  We arrived about 4:00pm.

One other boat came in after us.  It was a sailboat that had been anchored near us at Lynyard Cay.  We followed them all day.  They then went further around some islands before coming into this harbor. 

The couple on the other sailboat, First Love, stopped by our boat to say hello.  They are from South Africa but now live in the Chesapeake Bay area. 

We enjoyed the sunset listening to my Christmas present CD of the Barefoot Man.  He is from the Cayman Islands but has an annual concert/party on Guana Cay in the Abacos at Nippers.  We had heard of him, but not heard any of his music.  It was fun Caribbean music with some funny lyrics.  He said people have said he is the Jimmy Buffett of the Caribbean.  But he said the difference is that he is actually living the life Jimmy sings about. 

We're trying to create a commercial for the dental office we went to in St Mary's, GA.  Parker and Pennington gave us these drink glasses as new patients. 

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