Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 7, 2017 Slicing lines and chicken souse

The wind started picking up today, so we planned to just stay on the boat. 

Dave made chicken souse and we put it in our Wonderbag to eat later.  It will keep it warm and let the flavors blend without having to use propane the whole time.

Today Dave changed the lines on the davits to thicker lines.  These lines raise the dingy.  He changed the lines this summer, but those felt too small.  The new ones felt better in your hand and stronger to lift the dinghy.  He will use those previous lines to replace the lines on the traveler.  First he had to experiment with the heavier line to see if it would fit in the blocks and pulleys.   Then he spent some time making eye splices at the ends of all four lines.  With an eye spice, the finished end fits much better in the block than if he had to tie a knot.  Also, the way the lines had been rigged, they were chafing the plastic on the blocks.  He rigged those differently by putting a twist in the bottom block so the lines won't chafe.  He finished that project, but will work on changing the traveler lines another day. 

While he was outside working on this, I cleaned the heads and the floors.  I was playing the Barefoot Man Caribbean music to make it more fun.  When I finished, it was almost 5:00 and he was singing a song about liking beer.  So guess what? 

The chicken souse was very good and very limey.

sliced end to the line

the spliced end is under the pulley

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