Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 18 2017 Dinghy repair and laundry

We finally have a nice day to do some laundry.  We have jeans and heavy shirts and fleece jackets that need to be stored.  We keep our clothes pins in a well that is in the center of our cockpit table.  I don’t think it had been opened since last summer.  Needless to say, it needed cleaning.  So I got on that right away.  The clothes weren’t totally dry by sunset, so we brought them inside and ran a couple lines.  I felt like I was in my mother’s basement before we had a dryer. 
one bucket to wash and one to rinse
we are storing our jeans and hopefully won't wear them until we're back in the states
Dave was able to finish the dinghy patch.  He had clamps holding the patch overnight.  Today he trimmed the patch, pumped up the bow section, and lowered the boat back into the water.  Then he went rip roaring around the bay to test it out.  After getting that out of his system, he came back for fuel jugs.  He went to shore for diesel and gasoline.
you don't want your dinghy to be the prettiest one at the dock, too tempting to steal
pumping up the dingy after the patch was placed

I stayed on the boat and cleaned.  We want to get our chores done so we can play in the water for the next couple days.  It’s supposed to be real calm Thursday and Friday.  Then we’re expecting some high winds Sunday and Monday, even gale force. 

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