Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 15, 2017 Church in Alice Town

Dave took me to shore by dingy for church.  It was only about 3 blocks from the dinghy dock.  It was a larger church than you usually see in these small towns.  The choir was backed up by a drum set, 2 people playing the tambourine, and an off tune guitar.  But they sing their hearts out. 

The priest had a booming voice.  And lots of people would comment “yes sir” and “amen” and “alleluia”.  It felt more like a southern Baptist church.   During the “sign of peace”, everyone walked though out the church with hand shakes or hugs.  You see that often in the Bahamas. 
this is the street from the dock to the church


I thought all the different flags were cool in the back of the church
After bringing me back to the boat, Dave Roth gave Dave and Heather a lift to shore.  They are leaving their boat for about 3 weeks to go back to the states.  They had taken the motor off of their dinghy.  Dave towed their dinghy to shore.  Then they deflated it, rolled it up, and stored it in the bushes.  Pretty trustworthy.  Not sure we could do that.  They don’t have anyone looking after their boat, either. 

And just to show you what can happen in the sailing world when you have deadlines or reservations, here’s where they are going.  They had their flights booked out of Georgetown, Exumas.  Because of weather, they weren’t able to get their boat back there for their Monday flight.  They checked into changing the flights, which would have added the fee change and the difference in the cost of the flight today, for two people.  So they decided to take a $35 taxi ride to the airport in northern Eleuthera (the rental car guy was only charging them for the gas), fly to Nassau and overnight there Sunday night.  Then on Monday, they had to fly from Nassau to Georgetown to catch their original flight out of Georgetown.  They are both still working, but can work from the boat for weeks at a time.  I like the way we do things better. 

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