Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 3 & 4. 2014 Shopping and final projects

Before we left Ft Myers Beach, I wanted a few more things from the grocery store.  Dave continued to work on the water maker-almost done.  So Dean and I walked about a mile to the grocery store and did some tourist shopping along the way.  We picked up our groceries and took the trolley back to the dinghy. 

On our way back to the boat in our dinghy, we saw something making small splashes on the surface of the water, so we went to check it out. We saw about 6 of them on our way back.  We weren’t sure at first what they were, so we kept circling one trying to get a picture.  By then we had the attention of the boat next to us.  So we had to show them the picture.  We decided it was a cuttlefish.  They are in the squid family.  Pretty cool. Dean later found a picture of a sea hare that looked more like this, so not sure.   Cheryl, what do you think?  (my diving queen)

Then we had a great conversation with the neighbors.  They had just returned from the Bahamas and gave us some great information.  They have been cruising for 18 months.  But they had to learn how to sail and everything about buying a boat before they could move aboard a boat.  I’m glad we had about 15 years of experience behind us.  While talking to our neighbors, we had a beautiful sunset.

That evening we ate at the Parrot Key restaurant in Salty Sam’s marina.  Wonderful meals.

Friday morning, Dean and I went to the Farmer’s Market right by our dinghy dock.  I am going to miss getting my fresh fruits and vegetables there weekly.  Then we picked up fresh Gulf shrimp at the company right by the shrimp boats, TRICO.  We invited the Killions to  join us for a shrimp dinner on the boat, our last chance to see them before we leave. 

Dean and I made shrimp ceviche in the cockpit, while Dave FINISHED connecting the water maker. Then Dean and I scrubbed the deck.  He even got a blister!  And Dave used our new hookah system to dive the hull and clean the barnacles and muck off the hull.  The boat will move faster, the prop spins better, etc. 

The hookah system has a compressor that uses our generator for power.  It has 2 hoses that are 160 feet in length.  They have regulators similar to scuba diving.  Besides using it to clean the hull, we can also use it for diving near our boat, spear fishing, checking the anchor if we are close enough, or doing repairs (like getting a crab pot line out of our prop).  

By about 4:00, we knew we weren't going to have time to prepare dinner for the Killions.  So we all met at Doc Ford’s restaurant about 7:00pm for one more good-bye.  We had to take Devyn out in the dinghy to see the cuttlefish.  She wants to be a marine biologist.

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  1. I had to do a little research. It is NOT a squid, it is a Aplysiomorpha, commonly known as sea hares. Per Wikipedia-The name derives from their rounded shape and from the two long rhinophores that project upwards from their heads and that somewhat resemble the ears of a hare. Their color corresponds with the color of the seaweed they eat: red sea hares have been feeding on red seaweed. This camouflages them from predators. When disturbed, a sea hare can release ink from its ink glands, providing a potent deterrent to predators. This release acts as a smoke screen, while at the same time, adversely affecting the smell sensors of their predators. In a small environment, this ink could be toxic to the inhabitants. The color of the ink is white, purple or reddish, depending on the color of the pigments in their seaweed food source. Their skin contains a similar toxin that renders sea hares largely inedible to many predators. Learned something new today, I love it. Wish I could have been there to see them with you!!!