Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 20, 2014 Saturday potluck

Today, I defrosted the freezer.  The freezer is a well in the counter top next to our sink.  Our boat leans to the starboard a little, so water tends to run from the faucet onto the counter.  We used to place a towel there, put it would end up stinking.  So we thought we were being careful with excess water, but apparently not.  The water would get into the seal around the lid of the freezer and run to the back.  Then when the door was opened, it would run into the freezer and create a waterfall of ice in the back of the freezer.  This happened before when we had a leaky 5 gallon jug of water on the top of the freezer.  So we thought we had taken care of the problem.  Evidently not.  Last time, I did the boiling water trick to thaw the ice.  This time I was just able to leave it open for a few hours.  It was plenty warm to melt and I didn’t waste water or fuel in the process.  The water drains into the refrigerator.  So I had to occasionally run the sump pump for the refrigerator.  This time I was smart enough to empty the bottom shelf of the refrigerator first  We have a few soft coolers to store everything in while it’s defrosting. 

In the meantime, I helped Dave climb the mast again.  He needed to replace a flag halyard.  So he only had to climb par way up.  He found a screw that was coming loose and connections that were rusting.  So It’s good to check everything out while you are in the area.

On Saturday nights, the marina has a potluck dinner and musical jam session.  We decided to go this week to see what it was all about.  Then maybe we’ll go next week, while Pete is visiting.  I decided to make Mexican Roll-ups.  We had all the ingredients I wanted except sour cream.  So we tried a boat trick that I read about in  We bought 8 oz cans of Media Crema in the Mexican section of the grocery store.  You add one teaspoon of vinegar to it and it makes sour cream.  You can add a second one to make it thicker, which I did.  I let it cool for about 30 minutes before mixing it in and it worked great.

We met several nice people at the potluck.  And had some tasty dishes to try.  We listened to music until about 9:00 and called it a night.

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