Monday, December 5, 2016

November 9, 2016 Painting the boat's hull

This project had many steps involved that were worked on through out the summer.  But I made one entry to include the steps.  Even the last steps that didn't occur until Nov 30 and Dec 1.

Remove boot stripe with buffer
Place tape to mark a new water line-will bring the bottom paint up higher on the sides of the boat making it easier to clean
sanded entire hull for the paint to adhere better
Remove a blister on of keel and any damaged areas on the keel down to bare metal


with help from buddy Clayton
Cover the rust with “ospho” phosphoric acid
Wash off the ospho and let it dry
Place 3 layer of barrier coat, letting it dry in between
used epoxy to fill in any holes
Sand  the epoxy
Place another barrier coat
Repaired the hole in the side of the boat that was put there in May with a drill from the inside

Painted 2 coats of bottom paint on the full hull and a third coat on the new water line area, the bow and the rudder



Added a 2 inch green vinyl boot stripe above the water line.  Would probably paint it in the future.  Difficult to keep straight and no air bubbles with such a long strip
repaired a hole in the side of the boat with gelcoat

Day before launching
Lift the boat into the slings of the boat lift
repair keel with steps listed above (took 12 hours with drying in between coats, even using a heat gun to move things along-noon to midnight)
paint areas of keel repair and where the boat stands were supporting the boat

repairing bottom of keel while boat is being held in slings
square where one of 12 boat stands were located, now being held up with the plastic covered sling

slings are covered in plastic so our new paint job will be protected

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