Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 1, 2016 Finish Painting and LAUNCH

We were up early this morning to finish getting things ready.  Dave painted the keel and the areas where the boat stands had been.  I finished putting things away inside the boat.  It’s been awhile since we had to worry about things falling off of shelves while the boat is moving.

We were ready to roll by 10:00am.  They used the fork lift to put our dinghy back on the davits.  Just as they were going to lift it, we decided to take the cover off.  I grabbed it and started pulling it off and had a surprise.  A mouse jumped up, bounce off my chest and ran away.  I squeaked from the surprise, but the guys in the boat yard were impressed.  One said his wife would have peed her pants. 

It’s always scary, but exiting to see them lift and move your boat.  After they set it in the water, we made sure the engine was running smoothly and checked to be sure we weren’t taking on any water.  All systems were go.
bringing our boat through the boat yard
the launching part of the dock
bringing the boat out over the water. not much lee way
looks pretty good
lowering into the water, then we climb aboard
Here we go!!
We launched at hight tide and headed down the North River to the St Mary’s River and to Cumberland Island.  That only took about 2 hours.  We wanted to just get our heads together and get used to being back on the water.  And we remembered how to anchor, no problem.

We could see the wild horses on Cumberland Island as we passed the shoreline.  We planned to tour the island the next day. 
wild horses on the beach of Cumberland Island
Dave studied about this island when he was in 7th grade

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