Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 2, 2106 ICW to Jacksonville, FL

love being back on the water
It was kind of a cool and cloudy morning.  Hurricane Matthew damaged the public docks on Cumberland Island.  That means we would have to land the dinghy on the beach to see the island.  Getting our feet wet on a sunny day in the Bahamas is no big deal, but we both were having second thoughts.  We didn’t know if the shore would be packed sand or deep muck.  So we decided to tour the island next summer when we return from the Bahamas. 

We then decided we may as well start moving south.  We chose to stay on the ICW until everything was working better.  We were having issues with our heads.  Letting them sit for almost 6 moths distorted some of the rubber functioning parts.  So Dave worked on them under way while I navigated us through the ICW.

Our auto pilot is not working either.  Dave will have to look into that further before we head to the Bahamas. 

We anchored on the south shore of the St John’s river as it enters Jacksonville, FL and near the ICW. 

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