Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 7, 2015 N Palm Beach

This morning we walked about 2 blocks to the North Palm Beach Country Club for breakfast.  Lot’s of photos of Jack Nicklaus.  Alice bought a souvenir hat with his signature.  I had the Enterprise car rental company pick me up there.   We love how they will pick you up and bring you back afterwards. 

Even thought it was overcast and raining off and on, we packed the car for a possible day at the beach.  We headed north, back to Jupiter.  We had our mail forwarded to the first marina thinking we would be there for a week.  Funny how the 10 miles by boat took us 2-3 hours and only 20 minutes by car.  First stop was a fly fishing shop.  Dave wanted to pick up some flies for the Bahamas.  When we arrived at the JIB marina, a party boat was just pulling up for fuel and bathrooms.  It looked like a pontoon with a tiki hut on it.  They said you can rent it.  Looked like something they should have on Angostura reservoir where we sailed back home.  Debbie, Sue???

We decided to drive along the shore, since we had no agenda.  We found the perfect spot to park and walk over the sand dunes to the beach.  It was still overcast and windy, but we got our feet in the sand and water.  I had to laugh about the fact that we live on a boat, but have to get a rental car to go to the beach.  Won’t be that way in the Bahamas.

Then we went to  lunch at an awesome restaurant I found in November, U-Tiki.  It is on the ICW and you can see the light house from the deck.  BUT, I didn’t think about how windy it was.  We still had an awesome lunch. 

We returned to the boat after another Walmart stop and just relaxed.  I found a Catholic church nearby and went at 5:00.  I parked and followed others in, not knowing what door I was entering.  I entered at the front of the church right when they were making an announcement asking the visitors to stand and welcome them.  So I stopped and just waved at everyone and got a few giggles from those near me. 

We spent the evening watching Captain Ron and eating popcorn in Alice’s “bed”.   We sat the laptop computer on top of a box for our screen.  We can connect the sound into our boat's sound system.  What more could you ask for, Junior Mints?


took advantage of having a photographer with us

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