Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 19, 2015 Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

Pete’s original flight would have had him leaving today.  It cost about $500 to add the 3 days, but we were glad we did.  Pete and I went to shore today to explore Hope Town.  We  climbed the Light house and enjoyed the view.  Pete took a video as he walked 360 degrees and posted it on Facebook.  Maybe I’ll figure out how to add it here. 

Then we walked through town to the Hope Town Lodge.  We had lunch in the Reef Bar Restaurant overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  We shared “conch in a bag”.  It was fried conch and french fries served in a bag tossed with ketchup and Tabasco sauce.  Messy but another local dish. 

After the late lunch, we stopped in the museum.  They have a great gift shop with items from local artists and books about the area.  Pete found a book that was the log book of Randolph Johnston, the artist who settled in Little Harbour in the 50’s.  Then we walked through the “shopping district” of town that I had not been to.  It was on two streets and stretched about 4 blocks.  The stores were interspersed with houses.  We walked through about 4 gift shops and found Vernon’s grocery store.  All we needed was milk, but they are famous for their home made pies.  They were out of pie, but had bread fresh out of the oven.  We had to buy a loaf because it smelt so good.  I have a lot of practicing to do before I can make bread like this.  But Pete gave me some hints. 

We checked with Capt’n Jacks to see if they had Taco Tuesday then went back to the boat to get Dave.  At the boat, we had to try the fresh bread with the guava coconut jam that I had bought. 

By the time we had returned to Capt’n Jacks, they were out of the fish tacos.  But we had a nice dinner on the deck watching the sunset behind the lighthouse. 

conch in a bag
conch in a bag

little crowded at the dinghy dock

at Capt'n Jacks

another beautiful sunset

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