Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 15, 2015 Little Harbor, Abacos

Today, we left shortly after sunrise for 50 mile/9 hour sail to Little Harbor.  With leaving and entering anchorages, we usually average 5 mph.  We made good time today with a 15mph wind off our starboard bow.  Pete was at the helm this morning as Dave raised the anchor and I closed up things below.  It is great having another hand on board with some experience.  I made breakfast for us after we left the anchorage.  As the day progressed, we were at too much of a heel to do any cooking below.  But, I made a pasta salad to eat underway.

I had a new experience today.  I was sitting on the port side, but facing aft.  So with the heel, I was actually leaning to the right.  So as I took a sip of coffee, it went from the cup to the right side of my face.  So I had to slurp my coffee  or change position.  Didn't see that coming.

About an hour before we planned to turn in through a channel, we decided to straighten the anchor chain.  Somewhere Dave read that this was a good thing to do occasionally (but maybe not with our boat). The chain twists and then doesn’t raise as easily.  It jumps out of the gypsy.  The gypsy grabs the chain to raise it on the windless.  We were in deep enough water to let out the 200 feet of chain.  Well after Dave was part way into it, he decided that wasn’t such a smart idea.  Usually, when you let out your anchor, it sits on the bottom with the chain, taking the weight off of the windless.  Now he had all this weight hanging off the bow.  So he stopped and brought it back into the boat, straining the windless in the process.  IF we try this again, we will at least take off the anchor first. 

About 3:15 we brought in the sails, 3:30 went through Little Harbor Cut, 3:40 we were anchored on the west side of Tom Curry Point.  We wanted to anchor inside Little Harbor, but the entrance is so shallow that we could only enter and exit at high tide, which didn’t work with our schedule.

We had a late lunch/early dinner on the boat, then took the dingy to Pete’s Pub for happy RRRRR.  This was  a cool open air bar/restaurant.  We enjoyed a few beers and one rum punch special.  There seemed to be a lot of locals hanging out there. 

In the 1950’s, Randolph Johnston, a sculptor in Northampton, MA, came here by boat with his wife, daughter and 3 sons.  He wanted them to live out their lives in sight of no man, in the pursuit of a free life and devotion to art.  They settled in Little Harbor, lived in caves, built thatched huts and eventually constructed a foundry for Randolph’s work. One son, Pete, has a gallery devoted to his father’s works and his own, as well as local artists.  It was closing when we arrived.  So we’ll have to come back some day.   But there were many bronze sculptures along the road we walked to the pub. 

the dock for Pete's Pub

one of the sculptures along the road

speed bump

Pete's Pub

view of bay from above the pub

view of the ocean with bird sculpture

for my sister, Janice

hammerhead shark sculpture

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