Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 16, 2015 Little Harbor to Elbow Cay, Abacos

We went for a dinghy ride this morning into the Bite of Robinson (the bay next to our anchorage).  There is a blue hole that you can dinghy over.  But as we got close, we realized we were close to low tide.   We couldn’t get into the area we wanted, so we turned back.  We saw a small fishing boat with a family of four slowly cruising the shallow waters.  The wife was on the bow with a pole.  As we got closer we saw that it had two tines bent at 90 degrees to the pole.  We asked them what they were looking for.  They said conch and that they pick them up by hooking under the shell.  Looked pretty cool.

Today we motor sailed to Elbow Cay.   Staying inside the Sea of Abaco, we had to work our way around islands and shallow sandy areas or rocky areas.  We anchored outside of Elbow Cay, where we have anchored in the past.  We made a great peanut sauce with chicken  over pasta that our friend Joe taught us to make when he was here.  Then we finished the night by watching the lighthouse light.  It’s a nice excuse to set out in the cockpit.  You have a beautiful sunset in one direction and the lighthouse in the other. 

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