Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 18, 2015 Marsh Harbor then Elbow Cay

After a lazy morning, we went to Marsh Harbor.  We needed to change Pete’s return flight from Marsh Harbor to Nassau.  I had sent an e-mail last week, but didn’t get any response.  We anchored in the harbor and went to shore (with our garbage).  First we walked to the tourist information office.  The lady working there remembered us from a month ago.  We asked her if there was an office for Bahamas Air.  There was one at the airport, so she called them to be sure they were open. 

Then she called our favorite taxi driver, Rinssor.  He took me to the airport, waited while I changed Pete’s ticket, and brought me back to a restaurant to meet Pete and Dave.  And he only charged me $20 roundtrip instead of $15 each way.  He said “we’re friends”. 

Dave and Pete walked to a couple hardware stores.  We finally found a blue jerry can for water.  They visited George to get a conch salad.  George remembered Dave.  Then Dave told Pete, in ear shot of George, that George had a thousand acre conch ranch out west.  How can you forget someone who makes comments like that?

They picked me up and we headed back to the boat.  We left Marsh Harbor and headed back to Elbow Cay.  I think Pete was pleasantly surprised on how friendly everyone was and at how they remembered us. 

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