Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 17, 2015 Great Guana Cay-Nippers

Today we spent about 2-3 hours sailing to Great Guana Cay.  We used the gennaker and were able to sail at 7-8 knots and even touched 9 knots.  We can’t go that fast with the motor.  We anchored in Fisher’s Bay and took the dinghy to the harbor where we tied up to Nipper’s dinghy dock.  We walked to Nippers on the ocean side of the island.  They have a pig roast every Sunday.  So we had a great buffet of pork and local Bahamian dishes.  The sides were Bahamian peas and rice, macaroni and cheese that is thick and served like cake, corn, potato salad, a mustard based coleslaw, a custard type cake and mixed fruit.  There was BBQ pork and plain pork that you could add a thin gravy to.  Pretty good.  We spent the next hour or so walking the beach and swimming.  The water is beautiful and warm.  It was kind of windy today, so we decided not to bring our snorkel gear.  Then we returned to the restaurant/bar and people watched.   I was amazed at the people I saw that were about my age singing along with songs I had never heard.  Guess we’ve been out of touch.  Of course there was a lot of flesh, or eye candy, as the guys say.

We had watched a group of guys drinking shots and having a way too much fun.  As we were leaving, we heard them trying to argue their $600 tab.   It sounded like they had a $500 limit credit card.  Live and learn. 

We decided to stop at another place that is in the bay where we are anchored.  Pete and I walked to Grabbers while Dave brought the dinghy around from the harbor to our bay.  They are right on the beach and have a swimming pool (as did Nippers).  This afternoon they had a DJ, so there was more people watching entertainment.  This time, there was a guy about 70 strutting around in a speedo.   They had someone making fresh conch salad.  So we had that and some conch fritters to give Pete another taste of the local cuisine. 
Nipper's dock on Great Guana Cay

Beautiful water to enjoy

shortly after this photo, a wave came all the way up to us, soaking my sundress

pool at Nippers-need to get the sand out of your suit

ocean view from Nippers

"eye candy"

water hole on the way back to the boat

enjoying the end of the day at Grabber's
our boat is in Fisher's Bay behind the guys

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