Monday, May 13, 2019

May 7, 2019 Mahi Mahi off of Cat Island

We left Old Bight by 9:00 to head to Conception.  We have tried to go to Conception island for a few years, but the weather never cooperated.  It is a small remote island that is a marine preserve. 

About noon, we caught a mahi and a barracuda at the same time.  We concentrated on getting the mahi in.  But it crossed and tangled with the line of the barracuda as Dave was bringing it in.  Lesson learned.  At least bring in the barracuda close to the boat and out of the way, then deal with it later.  Dave did a great job of bringing in the mahi.  It was close to 4 ft long.  We wrap it in a wet towel and leave it on the floor of the cockpit until we stop and can clean it.  The towel helps quiet the fish, keeps it cool, and contains the blood.  We were in about 1500 ft of water off the southern tip of Cat Island. 

my shoe for comparison, and I wear an 11
We anchored at Conception about 4:00.  The whole island is a marine park.  There is an inland  creek to explore and many reefs surrounding the island.  We cleaned the mahi on the stern, but I made Dave put all the parts in a bucket and take them offshore to dump.  This area is known for it’s snorkeling, so we didn’t want to draw in sharks, I least I didn’t. 
pretty anchorage
beautiful clear water
the female has a sloping forhead (and an egg sack).  they lose their pretty colors shortly after dying
Just after we finished cleaning and storing the fish, a dinghy came by and invited us to a “meet and greet” on the shore.  So we cleaned up and went in.  There were about 8 couples there (forgot to take pictures).  We had met one couple at Cat Island at dinner, Jerry and Larisa on the catamaran, One Runnin’.  A lady was drawn to me when she recognized the scars on my knees.  She had just had knee surgery in October.  She was so glad to hear that I was kneeling on cushions and the numbness had gone away.  She was concerned about shaving her legs, not me. 

Back at the boat, we had a fresh mahi dinner.  Yum yum!!

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