Tuesday, May 14, 2019

May 11, 2019 Rock Sound, Eleuthera fuel and provisions

We were able to accomplish several things while we were here.  We took the jerry cans to shore to fill at Dingle’s station.  They have a dinghy dock across the street and through a path to the shore.  Dave wanted me to help him today.  He learned last time we were here, that moving full 5 gallon jerry cans from the dock, down and ladder and into our new dinghy was tricky by yourself.  This dinghy seems to want to squirt around.  And the floor is v shaped, not plat.  So the full cans don’t sit nicely on the floor.  Having an extra set of hands to pass the cans and stable the dinghy made it much easier. 

After returning the fuel to the boat, we picked up our garbage and went to the public dock.  We also took backpacks to walk to a small grocery store.  We really didn’t need to stop, but a little more milk and fresh fruit was nice to have.  And the walk was nice to stretch our legs and get a little exercise. 

We walked by the grade school.  They had all the national symbols on the building.  There also was a sign explaining inappropriate clothing, even for visitors.  I had to google pum-pum shorts.  I found a youtube video of a song, but didn’t have the wifi to watch it.  Something to look forward to, I guess.

tree-lignum vitae, flower-yellow elder, bird-flamingo, fish-marlin, and the flag

We even fit in making bread earlier today.  We spent the evening watching a movie and eating the cheese popcorn we found at the grocery store for $4, our treat. 

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