Saturday, May 4, 2019

April 22-23, 2019 boat chores

4-22 Monday
I decided to double check on the grocery store before going to town.  Today is also considered a holiday, so they were closed.  There goes our plan to leave tomorrow.  Oh well.

We did some laundry today.  Dave changed the oil in the Yanmar engine.  He also changed the alternator belt.  He had been tightening it, but finally he changed it.  He was surprised by the difference in the two. 
just missed the sunset, but still beautiful
4-23 Tuesday
Today we had a busy day in town.  First we rinsed and hung out more laundry.  Dave runs a line between the forestay and the side stays to hang sheets higher off the boat.  It was a little windy, so we were working together to hang the sheets.  I stepped backwards and put my foot right through the open hatch to the forward head.  I knocked out the screen, then scraped my inner thigh and elbow before I stopped.  I didn’t draw blood, just got a nasty bruise on my leg.  And I didn’t damage the screen.  All is well that ends well.

Dave dropped me off about a 5 minute walk from the grocery store.  It was at a dock for a restaurant.  So I didn’t want to return there with our groceries.  The grocery store had assured me that they would give me a ride to the public dock closer to our boat.  So I filled my cart with fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, some frozen meats and a few staples.  I was given a ride in a suburban to the dock where Dave met me.  The driver even helped carry the groceries to where Dave was tied up at the dock.  They don’t charge for this service, but it was well worth a $10 tip.  Plus, I bought a lot more than if I had to carry it back to the dock. 

Dave spent his day getting fuel, gas and diesel.  The service station had a dock right across the street.  Dave had to walk with the full jerry cans in the past.  BUT, it was tricky to climb up and down their dock with the fuel cans. 

Dave also filled our propane tank.  The last time we were here, you had to go to the hardware store to line up the person to take you to the filling place.  So Dave walked with the empty propane tank to the hardware store where I had bought groceries. 

The hardware store was no longer there.  Some locals explained to him that the hardware store had moved next to the Government dock, which Dave had walked past.  He even thought to himself that he would stop in there on his way back.  So he walked back, filled his tank, and carried it back to the public dock.  The guy filling his tank said he had seen him walk by earlier with his tank.  Hmmmm…

While he was doing all this, I was storing our groceries.  There’s always packaging that is nice to take to shore before we leave.  So Dave made one more trip to shore with our garbage.  Not sure when and where we will take garbage to shore in the next few weeks.  Crazy the things you have to think about. 

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