Tuesday, May 14, 2019

May 10, 2019 snorkeling Little San Salvador

We took off late morning to snorkel the reef on the south side of the island.  We don’t go that direction if there is a cruise ship anchored here.  So we took advantage of no company in the area.  The first place we stopped had the largest assortment of fish we have seen all winter.  The wind took us back towards our boat, so we drifted along several reefs with the dinghy.
trigger fish and parrot fish
grouper with a parrot fish behind it
parrot fish in the middle of the tang
school of tang
elkhorn coral
trigger fish
unusual to see the mix of colors
today's barracuda

We headed to the north side of the island for a picnic on the beach and for more snorkeling.  When we rounded the west end, it was really rough on the north side.  We decided we had enough.  We headed back to the boat and took off for Eleuthera.  We figured we could anchor in the dark, since we were pretty familiar with Rock Sound.  Plus our boat rolls side to side at this anchorage, and neither of us slept that great last night.

Off we went.  We had the wind assisting us, so it only took 6 hours.  We anchored by 8:30, an hour after sunset.  I had cooked mahi and pasta while under way, so we were able to call it a night.

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