Saturday, May 4, 2019

May 1-2, 2019 Exploring Bennett's Harbour, Cat Island

5- 1/2 Wed and thurs
We had to wait out the squalls before we could move any further.  But at least the boat was calm and we could get some sleep.  We had a couple of lazy days, but did make bread and water.

Thursday afternoon, we finally got in the dinghy to explore the area.  There was a creek/river with mangroves that we followed inland until it got too shallow.  It was about 2 hours before high tide, but we didn’t want to wait around.  We saw several turtles.  Boy do they move fast in the water.  We also saw one large southern stingray.  We had heard there were usually about 7 of them together, but not today.  Then we went along the shoreline and back just to get some fresh air.  There isn’t much of a town here, so we didn’t plan to go to shore. 

turtle in the center of stream

lucky catch by sticking my camera in the water off the side of the dinghy

always sad to see

government dock at Bennett's Harbour

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