Saturday, May 4, 2019

May 3, 2019 Rollezz Resort, Old Bight, Cat Island

Today, we had a break in the weather, as predicted, as moved to Old Bight in the souther part of Cat Island.  Our plan was to anchor at New Bight, but we could see the masts of the boats rocking side to side and kept moving to have better protection.  We left about 10:00am and were anchored by 3:00pm. 

After settling in, we went to shore for dinner.  Rollezz Resort has cottages to rent.  But we have heard wonderful things about the owner wanting to make cruisers feel welcome.  We heard about this place 3 years ago when we were last here, but didn’t go to shore. 

About 5:30, we went to shore and beached our dinghy by 2 other dinghies.  Those couples were just leaving, but I think we talked to them for a bout a half hour.  They were headed to Eleuthera, so we gave them all kinds of info to enjoy their time. 

At the resort restaurant, there was outdoor seating, but no one around.  We went inside the building and found a person to talk to about dinner.  They serve everyone at 7:30 and wondered what we would like.  There wasn’t a menu, so we asked what they had.  They had grouper, snapper, cracked conk and lobster served with salad and sides.  We chose the grouper and snapper, not knowing any prices.  But it was eat here or go back to the boat. 

The room had a cooler with beer, sodas, and waters.  There were liquor bottles and wine on a side table.  In the center there was a table with a tablet.  You signed in, helped yourself, and kept a tally of what you had to drink, an honor system. 
these sculptures were done locally using dead coral
We enjoyed the sunset on their deck.  Other people showed up about 7:30.  There were 4 young men from Italy that were here on a Cessna airplane.  They were crew for an airline, but  were pilots themselves.  So with their time off, they chartered a plane to see the islands.  I guess it would be similar to us chartering a boat. 
these guys kept Dave occupied while I visited with a friend on the phone


our boat is to the left of the sunset
There were 2 other couples having dinner that were here by sailboat.  We all sat at one table together and were able to share some great information with each other.  It was a really nice evening.

On the way back to the boat, about 9:30, we noticed the anchor light wasn’t working.  We were both sure we had turned it on.  Maybe it was damaged by lightning this past week.  We have a spare bulb, so Dave will climb the mast to change it when we have good weather. 

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