Monday, December 14, 2015

November 28, 2015 Secret Breakfast

This morning we were treated to the “secret breakfast” made by Dave, Garrett, and Claire.  The three of them have been having “secret meetings” to plan this since the moment they arrived.  The menu consisted of several drawings of different faces or animals made on regular toast or french toast with fruits jelly and whipped cream.  They had so much fun.  But we were glad that nobody was in a hurry to go anywhere. 

Later that morning, I want to an IKEA store with my sisters for the first time.  I didn’t buy anything, but got a few ideas for storing things on the boat.  It’s amazing how reasonably priced everything was.  We spent the afternoon watching AL win another college football game. 

We decided that Jerry shouldn’t have to cook another meal for us, even though he enjoys it.  We let him pick a restaurant and decided to go to the Surly brewery.  It is known as a “destination brewery”.  I think that means that when it was built, they planned to include the restaurant space.  There were 16 of us.  So even though we arrived at 5:00, we had to wait 90 minutes for 2 tables.  They had some great beers. 

After visiting with everyone, Bev, Janice and Jerry and I ended up playing cribbage.  I can’t believe that was the first and only time we played that weekend.

3 cooks in the kitchen

putting on the finishing touches

regrouping to make things move faster

a turkey

a basketball with hair and a bunny on top

the menu

Claire entertaining Bev while we wait for our table

Barb, Janice, Don, Jerry, Heidi

Heidi, Claire, Bev, Bobby, Mary

Sherri and Bobby

Jerry, Janice, Mary and Bev (she likes having a 5)  Don was still up and took visiting with us and took the picture

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