Monday, December 28, 2015

December 26, 2015 shopping in North Palm Beach, FL

Today we had a “shopping day” with Bob and Olivia.  They have a car here at this marina.  Dave wanted to return an impeller for our outboard motor.  We bought one here in March and they said we could return it anytime, even thought they knew we were leaving for the Bahamas.  We drove to Boat Owners World.  They didn’t have anything for the galley, so Olivia and I waited in the car. 

While we were there, another couple that we knew from Brunswick Landing Marina were there, Ed and Pam.  It was fun to visit with them again.  They are leaving for the Bahamas after Jan 1. 

We also stopped at a Walgreen's for Dave to find a non scented hand soap.  Most are too smelly and bother his sinuses.  We also refilled a propane tank.  Then Bob and Olivia wanted to show us a couple of specialty markets.  First we stopped at Carmine’s Italian market.  It was amazing.  It had a HUGE deli with all kinds of prepared foods, 9 home made soups, pastas, pizza, meats, fish, seafood, you name it.  They also had Italian products on the shelves and a restaurant.  It reminded me of an upscale Cossetta's in St Paul, MN.  I bought a hard salami and a hard Parmesan cheese.  Maybe we’ll make it back here before we leave.  Second we stopped at the Cod and Caper’s Seafood market and restaurant.  It was so cool to see all kinds of fish laid out in a meat counter.  This one is walking distance from their marina, so we’ll see if we make it there.  We hope to be catching our own fish soon.

After all of our shopping, we went to their favorite neighborhood sports bar for a late lunch/early dinner.  We spent a couple hours at Duffy’s and had some great burgers, wings, salad for me, etc.  I actually miss having salads.  Greens just don’t keep well on our boat. 

We went back to their boat and visited and played “chase the ace”.  It is a betting card game.  Olivia ended up with the $4-big winner.  It was fun spending the day with them and being off of the boat for a day.

Dave and Bob on their "veranda"

the game really wasn't that serious
the big winner of $4
fun night Mary and Olivia
Dave patiently waiting in the dinghy while we're taking photos

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