Monday, December 14, 2015

November 21, 2015 Escape to Wyoming, MN

I decided to get out of everybody’s way today and visit a friend of mine about an hour’s drive from here :)   Stephanie Larson Stec was a classmate of mine in dental school.  She lives in Wyoming, MN, just across the MN/WI border from Cumberland, WI.  I arrived there about 11:00 am.  We had a nice lunch and visit.  They have a small farm with an apple orchard besides both being dentists.  They have a store open during the fall, so I shopped for goodies to take to my brother’s for Thanksgiving.  I bought jellies, peach butter, salsas, and apple BBQ sauce.  Then I packed up and headed back before dark.  Didn’t want to chance hitting a deer on opening day of deer hunting season.

I met Dave, Alice, Debbie and her 2 friends at the Corner Bar for dinner. It was a fun local “hang out”.  They have a chicken buffet every Saturday night which was great.  We watched the end of the Wisconsin Badgers college football game.  WI lost and everyone was pretty upset.  But secretly we wanted them to lose because it would help Alabama’s standings.

The apartment was beginning to look like “home”.  I had fun going through some old photo books of Alice’s and getting some family photos.  We were all pretty quiet and tired tonight.


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