Monday, December 14, 2015

November 25, 2015 Family arrives in Mpls

Dave’s sister, Debbie, had given us some maple syrup made by her neighbor in Wisconsin.  So we made waffles for breakfast.  I don’t remember the last time I used a waffle iron.  they didn’t complain about my mistakes.  We spent some time doing some prep work for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Between 3-6:00, the rest of the family arrived.  That would be my oldest brother, Don, and his wife, Linda, my other sister, Janice, and husband, Jim, niece Heidi, husband Glen and Garrett and Claire.  All of us were able to stay at Jerry’s house.  Another niece, Sherri, husband, Bobby and his son, Ben joined us, but they stayed at a hotel in downtown Mpls. 
Our great niece and nephew love their Uncle Dave

We set up a Bloody Mary bar and opened wine and beer.  The party began!  Jerry made us a potato and sausage soup and leftover chili. We had a fun evening visiting.  And the 2 siblings ended up being the “last ones standing”.

Here is a story that Claire, age 7, wrote about me and Dave
 Dave and Mary’s Storey

Once apon a time
ther wear to pepole named Dave
and Mary and they lived on
a boat and thay have a sink
and a kitchen and a bedroom
and wunce thay started to eat
supper wen thay wear done
saing thayer prayer thay
started to ask ech other wen
thay wear going to go to
thaksgiving and so thay started
to talk abawt going to thaksgiving
and thay said haw abawt to marow and so
thay ate tare supper and then thay
shawerd and then thay stated to pack
and it took so long that thay wear
paking at 9:00 and so thay brushed
thayer teth and then thay went
to bed and thay wook up in the
midil of the night because
thay  wear to exsided for
to marow and thay wached
TV for a waiyul and then thay
tride to go to bed but thay still

cudint fall aslep so thay
pord a cup of millk and so
then thay headed up the
millk in the mikorwave and
so thay drank the milk
then thay tride to go to slep
and thay finley fell asllep and
it fellt like forever wen thay
wear sleping and fine alea it was
morning and thay ate breck fest
and then thay got in to the dingey
and paduld to shore and then
thay went to the air port
and thay got on a plan
and flew to mineapales and
thay wen’t and sela brate
thaksgiving and thay wen’t
to the mall of amaraka
and thay road all of the
ride’s and then thay wen’t
back.  and thay all lived happy
aley ever after.

form: Claire


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