Monday, December 28, 2015

December 9-14, 2015 Preparing boat at BLM

free beer delivery to Brunswick Landing Marina.  That explains why it took us so long to leave

replacement "cups" for the shower controls on the stern.  they have covers, too

Love Christamas lights on the water

the movie set is missing

stores back to normal

Ricardo escorting me to church and back to the marina in downtown Brunswick, GA
This week all ran together getting the boat ready to leave the marina. 
Dave finished placing the new shower covers on the stern.  Before we went to MN, he started to replace them, but found out the replacements were bigger.  So he had to cut the fiberglass round opening larger to fit the new covers. 

He spent time going over all the systems, checking filters, oil levels, raw water screens, etc.  He topped off our fuel and used biocide in the tank (to avoid the growth that clogs your lines and filters). 

I had to do laundry after our trip north and then store our winter clothes again under our bed.  I also went through all of my clothes and put together a large bag that could go to the storage unit.  You really do find yourself wearing the same things.

On Saturday, I used Gary’s car for about 4 hours.  I took the clothes and a tote full of odd things to the storage unit.  I picked up some light switches for the boat at Radio Shack, since Beneteau only wants to sell you new light fixtures.  I searched for a fitting for our fuel line, but will have to go to a specialty plumbing or engine repair shop after the weekend.  Then I did the last of our provisioning at Walmart. 

That evening, we invited a few friends out to dinner with us.  It started as a thank you for the couple that watched our boat while we were in MN.  Then it grew to 8 people.  We went to Tipsy McSway's, a local bar downtown.  Everyone who was having dinner with us had helped us in some way over the summer.  So we had fun treating them.  Besides, we wanted to celebrate our anniversary this week, and we plan to be on the water on Thursday, December 17. 

Sunday I went to church and sang with the choir one last time.  I have really enjoyed singing with them and they seemed so appreciative of my contribution. 

Both of us worked nonstop all day cleaning, stowing, and trying to wrap things up to leave on Monday.  Somewhere along the way, we figured we could use one more day.  So we watched the Packers win and ordered Pizza to be delivered for the last time. 

We stayed busy all day Monday and were glad to have one more day.  We borrowed Gary’s car again and found the fitting that Dave needed.  We also went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and decided to buy a cushion for our mattress.  Dave’s hips have been bothering him, and my back seemed worse after returning to the boat.  We found what we wanted but will have to trim it to fit our triangular shaped mattress eventually. 

In the afternoon,we went to the library to update our chart plotter and phones.  Dave started while I went to the post office by bike.  Then I took over while he went to the hardware store one more time by bike.  All these last minute things to do. 

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