Monday, December 14, 2015

November 26, 2015 Thanksgiving Day

My brother Jerry loves to cook.  He made us a great Thanksgiving dinner. We had 16 Zellers, Don, Linda, Bev, Jerry, Barb, Janice, Jim, Dave and Mary.  Heidi, Glen, Clair and Garrett, Sherri, Bobby and Ben.  And we had 4 guests.  Mary and Henry Hebert are Jim Moore’s aunt and uncle.  They live in St Cloud, MN.  Jim drove there to pick them up and return them.   Brother and sister, Vern and Bev Conerton, also joined us.  Bev and Bev grew up together.  And Jerry and Vern grew up together.  All 4 of them usually join us when we are together every 2 years. 

too many cooks in the kitchen: Jim and Janice Moore and Jerry in the back

Bev with Mary Hebert

Siblings in order of age: Don, Bev, Jerry, Janice, Mary

with spouses Don and Linda, Barb and Jerry, Janice and Jim, Mary and Dave with Bev in front

Claire and uncle Jim

Linda, Sherri and Heidi

My brother Don's family that was present: Ben, Bobby and Sherri.  Don and Linda, Garrett, Claire, Heidi and Glen
We watched the Packers lose their game today.  This evening we played several games.  At least those of us that were young at heart.  We played Spot It, Triominos, Bells, Tenzi.  Our players ranged in age from 8-67.  Fun night!
Triminos, Spot It, Tenzi, and Bells

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